Facilities& Services

Cold Store has capacity of 2400 Ton, which includes 1200 Ton below zero and 1200 Ton above zero. The processing salon, loading place (dock) and precise 60 Ton weighbridge are available.

Our cold store is capable of keeping and processing raw livestock products and fruits.

20 Ton refrigerating tunnel is enable to freeze raw livestock materials to -40 degree bellow zero.

Two compressors with the models of WM-18 and WM-24 provide the energy of stores compartment and refrigerating tunnel by ammoniac gas.

250 Kilo watt Generator will produce electricity in the emergency cases.

A skilled technical responsible staff always controlling and supervising process of storing and discharging of goods especially focus on the raw livestock products which need more precise control.

52 stuff are working in the Cold store include 8 Engineer work in engine room, 5 man work in the store compartments and others work in garden and miscellaneous works.